Working at

Working at Hamers Totaal

Do you want to work in the beautiful world of interior construction, where you can express your craftsmanship and creativity?
That's possible at Hamers Totaal!

If you choose Hamers Totaal, you will work for a high-quality interior builder in the Brabant region.
The office is directly connected to the productionfacility and warehouses, which means that you are in contact with everyone. In the atmosphere of a family business, where we enjoy working together, eating together, and celebrating successes together.

A no-nonsense culture where passionate colleagues get energy from successfully completed projects. Good communication and clear procedures and processes help us with this. We work independently and in a team. We help and learn from each other. We offer you the opportunity to grow in your knowledge or field of expertise. We value passion and own input or points for improvement.

We are proud to say that you can find our furniture worldwide and we do that as a team.

We are a team, from work planner, project leader to interior builder. Do you want to be part of our team?
Check out the vacancies or contact us!

11 October 2023

Interieurbouwer / Meubelmaker

14 September 2023

Werkvoorbereider - Tekenaar IMOS bij Beerens Group in Rijen



Co- Creation

Co-creation is a form of collaborative innovation: ideas and new applications are shared and improved to achieve even better solutions. Working together with experts, such as architects, customers, our professional craftsmen, suppliers, etc. The objective is efficiency in all respects while preserving and respecting design, customer wishes, the environment and the environment.

Quality, Flexible & Bright

At Hamers Totaal your wish is central, together with you we discuss the countless possibilities and we come to a beautiful translation
of the design.
At Hamers Totaal you can count on quality, both in our professional people and in high-quality materialisation, processing and finishing.
At Hamers Totaal you know exactly where you stand. A clear quotation in which all discussed costs are stated. We love transparency. We go for Quality & Service




Your custom interior is produced in the Netherlands, in Goirle.
Our production location is equipped with a solid machine park, which is set up according to a lean filosofie.
Hamers Totaal employs its own specialized professionals.
Before the custom-made interior leaves our premises, it is completely assembled and checked on location.
During the production of your interior, you can come and take a look at our production, just let us know in advance.